The first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) I purchased was called Chippi. Before buying, I have to admit I was a skeptic of NFTs. “They are just jpegs that anyone else can copy and use,” or “they are scams” were some of the statements I heard from skeptics. That was until I saw a simple roadmap, a talented artist hand-drawing characters, and a community of light-hearted people who were highly supportive, passionate, and creative. It was the Chippi family.

When I told my wife I wanted to buy a Chippi for our website launch, she wasn’t sure I was of sound mind. So things were normal.

What are you buying?
A Chippi.
A what?

Two months later, she is now a Chippi convert and owns Harry, a famous Auror in Web3. Accio ETH!

So what are Chippi? What does it or they do? How did the project change my opinions about NFTs and win over my heart?

First, Chippi are “…original, hand-drawn characters…” created by the artist, Perchy (@theFutureisDAO1). At first glance, Chippi are simple, but engrained within the strokes are a high level of attention to detail, thoughtfulness, uniqueness, and creativity. The drawings remind me of old-school newspaper comics and feature a rounded head that faces to the right.

One chippi faces to the left, and that is Perchy’s Chippi. When asked why he was the only Chippi facing to the left, Perchy noted that he created his PFP before the Chippi community and “…originally, all of the chippi were going to be facing left like mine….” However, “…the very first person to commission a Chippi insisted that right-facing was best, bc when you post on Twitter, the PFP needs to look like its saying the words.” Noting this little detail, Perchy further stated that “…some people have mentioned that they like that little detail, and now it’s become a feature of the collection.”

Whether they face to the right or the left, Chippi come in all shapes and sizes. Some Chippi are embodiments of their owners, some are personifications or “chippifications” of businesses, and others are themed after popular characters. Many more are made to tell stories and events within Web3.

For example, Patsy was created and incorporated into artwork involving Castle Ethereum, a Bankless Location (more on Bankless Locations later). A nod toward the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Patsy claps his coconuts carrying bags of worthless cryptocurrencies in search of the one Holy Grail that will send him to the moon.

Patsy-By Perchy-” Bravely carrying these bags through the Bear Market.” Animation by @Cy00t

Who are chippi for? The simple answer is everyone and anyone, but the original Chippi is limited to 500! While 500 may seem like a lot compared to other projects like the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club with 10,000 characters, Chippi are a small-knit community. Chippi characters have been made for children and adults; some are stashed away for gifts or special occasions. Others have hidden messages or are part of collections. So if there are 500 Chippi, where do they all belong?

According to the Chippi roadmap, “Chippi are inhabitants of Bankless Nation.” Within that Bankless Nation are eight prominent “Bankless Locations” (with a ninth bonus location for committed collectors). Like Chippi, these locations are also hand-drawn NFTs. Five Bankless Locations have been released, including DAOtown, Castle Ethereum, Mount Doge, The Citadel, and The Charts. Additionally, a macro-level view of the locations called “The Bankless Nation has been released and acts as a general guide. One perk of owning a Chippi is that each Chippi is eventually showcased in one of the Bankless Locations!

The Bankless Nation- By Perchy

The Bankless Locations resemble a where’s waldo page filled with activity and Chippi, but deeper investigation shows intricate storylines, historical contexts, hidden messages, and easter eggs for anyone to enjoy. Rumor has it that in the first Bankless Location titled Mount Doge, Perchy signed his name. The most recent release, Castle Ethereum, provided visual interpretations of the much-awaited Ethereum Merge. Those with a keen eye will also be able to locate Patsy following his noble lord, King Solidity.

Mount Doge-By Perchy
Castle Ethereum- By Perchy

Why did I get involved? I got involved in Chippi because of the simplistic creativity. I love projects that are unique, simple to understand, and have the potential to help others learn about the Web3 space — Chippi checks all of those boxes and then some.

During releases of Bankless Locations, potential owners can scoop up a Chippi character or request a custom Chippi made by Perchy. Additional benefits include access to an NFT-gated Chippi channel in Discord. Here verified owners of Chippi can see behind-the-scenes drawings, be offered discounts on future releases, and participate in creative giveaways.

Today, the Chippi community consists of 200 owners, and 316 Chippi have been made. One difference I see with Chippi and other projects is that there aren’t many for sale. On Opensea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, only 5 Chippi are listed for sale, with a floor price of around .5 ETH or approximately $700. Why do I love these numbers?

I love them because it shows value and love for the project! People aren’t buying these NFTs to flip them (in my opinion), they are buying them because they love them, and when something is led with love, there is almost nothing that can stop it.

A Chippi was the first NFT I purchased. While simple in design, the Chippi project is filled with layers (artist joke). Layers of love, layers of detail, and layers of passion. In a word, it is art, and those cherishing that art are not giving it up or selling it because they know what a true rarity the project and that feeling is.

To learn more about Chippi, look at the project’s Twitter @chippiNFT. The community is active within the Bankless DAO and on the Chippi Discord channel.

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